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Why I am passionate about Vemma

At the Vemma Internatiomal Convention this April 24-26, 2014, Dr Oz encouraged all of us to take the Real Age test. He had told us about that when he had spoken at the first convention I had gone to a year after joining Vemma. I did take it then. I was in my 60s and the test result said I was 82. I hated that test!!! When I was 70, I had the courage to take it a second time. It now said I was 72. That is 10 years younger than I was, but still older than my actual age. Since he recommended we take it, I took it the third time. NOW my Real Age is 67.5, 5.9 years younger than my actual age! And THAT is why I am passionate about Vemma!
Ann Noble

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